Swimming pools will naturally loose some water based on the unique characteristics of the individual pool. Factors such as use, exposure to sun, shade and wind all play a part. In my experience two rules of thumb apply. First, if you can see a daily drop in water level without using some sort of measuring technique such as a piece of tape or a pencil line at the water level you probably have a leak. Secondly if you are a seasoned pool owner trust your “gut” instinct as natural water loss will not change suddenly for no reason.

In the age of thinking green and with the current economic situation it makes sense to repair your leaking pool.



Facts to ponder…

An inch a day water loss is in the vicinity of four to five hundred gallons.

If you are topping of your pool every day to keep it at optimum operating level, the average garden hose will pump approximately 500 gallons an hour.

Along with your water loss you are losing costly chemicals as well.

A constant flow of water under a pool can cause erosion which the pool liner will be forced into once the leak is stopped. This could lead to further damage if there isn’t enough stretch or life left in the vinyl to compensate for the material that has been washed away.

If you live in a area with town sewage the water company assumes that the water coming into the house is also leaving via the sewage system. In other words you are being billed to treat the water that is flowing from your pool into the ground.

Leaks have many causes. Depending on the type of pool the cause may be a puncture, tear or cut, seam failure, damage caused by defective cleaning tools, overly aggressive cleaning, ants, termites, beetles cracks, and failure of sealants such as grout around fixtures. The list goes on and on.

Leak detection is a specialized branch of the pool industry. THE POOL LEAK SPECIALIST only deals with leak detection and repair. We do not open, close, clean, build or service pools. This specialization has allowed us to concentrate on the most effective ways to locate and repair pool leaks.

Starting from the time you contact us at 508-317-6466 our scheduling person, Donna, will gather your information and may be able to offer you suggestions to locate and possibly fix it yourself. She will also try to ascertain whether it is us or a pool plumbing expert you need.

Once we have been scheduled we will arrive at your pool with state of the art electronic leak detection equipment (this equipment works in vinyl or fiberglass pools only), S.C.U.B.A. gear, and proper materials and tools to repair your leak(s).

We also have underwater photo and video capability available to document and show you the damage and repair if required.

Most pools can be repaired for the quote d service call price. In some cases such as in a multiple leak pool (more than ten leaks) we may need more time and an hourly fee will apply.

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